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How Coaches, Consultants and Salespeople Can Get $3K, $5K, $10K+ Clients In The Next 30 Days Without Being Pushy or Salesy.


(Even If You Don't Have A List Or Sales Funnel !)

What You'll Learn On This Free Training...

  • PART ONE: Why pushy sales tactics don't work anymore and just waste time and money and what to do instead to get them selling themselves on the first call. 

  • PART TWO: How to eliminate objections by positioning your program or service this way so they say YES before you even make an offer. 

  • PART THREE: The method to get high ticket clients coming to you even if you don't have a sales funnel or a list . 

  • PART FOUR: The foundation for every successful sale and how this has them pay in full more often than not.  

Earnings and income referenced are my personal sales figures or sales figures of my clients. These results are not typical and they represent only what has been done and we cannot in anyway guarantee you will get similar results. Your results will vary and depend on your ability to help people with your expertise and your work ethic. All business entails risk, consistent effort and action. If you are not willing to put in the work, please do not work with us. 

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